Car  車

Living in the countryside, a car is necessary.

We have more snow than in central Tokyo and we live half way up a steep hill, so we bought a 4WD car.

It takes about 35 minutes on foot or 7 minutes by car to the closest convenience store. It is open 24 hours so it is helpful. We use delivery service a lot. It is very convenient as I can shop with my PC.

I try not to miss things when we go out to shop. We always go to the farmer’s market for fruits, vegetables, and eggs. For the other food we go to the supermarket in the next town. It takes about 25 minutes by car. There is a huge home center next to it, so it that is convenient too.

Altogether, I don’t find any inconvenience living here. We don’t need public transportation because we can drive. Once we get old and feel uncomfortable driving a car, then we shall see.