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Weeds 雑草

It was cloudy in the morning but the rain had stopped, so the weeds in our garden could be cut.

At last the rain stopped.  At 8 o’clock in the morning the man we had asked to cut the weeds rang the door bell.

After some preparation, he started at 8:30.  We also went out to the garden and started trimming some trees.  He finished cutting about 850m² of weeds in 2 hours and a half.  The garden looks much better, but we still have to cut the lawn and get rid of  the weeds between the flowers.

If you are thinking to start gardening after you retire,  I strongly recommend that you start with a small garden and expand it little by little if it is going OK.

We only had a small garden in Tokyo, so I was happy to have a lot of space for flowers in the countryside, but I never thought that gardening would be such hard work.



準備のあと、8:20に草刈りが始まりました。私たちも外に出て、桜の木などの枝切りをしました。2時間半で850m² の草刈りが終わりました。やっとすっきりしましたが、まだ芝刈りと花壇の中に生えた草とりが必要です。



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