iPadの新機能 iPad New Function

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iPhone/iPadの最新OS「iOS 11」が、日本時間の2017年9月20日に配信開始されました。iPadはiPhoneと違い大きくて使いやすいため、あまり機能については考えていませんでしたが、今回のアップデートではマルチタスクの機能が大きく改善され操作性が向上したとのこと、遅くなってしまいましたが、新機能を使い始めました。



ただし12.9インチのiPad Proは従来から数字のある拡張キーボードだったので、とくに変更はないようです。

One of the new iPad features of makes the keyboard easier to use

The latest iPhone / iPad OS “iOS 11” was launched on September 20, 2017 Japan time. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad is big and easy to use, so I was not thinking much about  new functions.  With this update I realized that the operability was improved and the multitasking functions were greatly improved. I began using one of the new functions.

I can type without switching the keyboard to change between numbers and symbols.

On the new iPad QWERTY keyboard, numbers, letters, and symbols are assigned to each key. If you press a key it types the letter. If you flick the key down it types the number or a symbol. As I wasn’t used to use it, I tended to flick up for numbers as they are written above the letters.  Once I got used to it, it was easier than the previous OS to type something like a password.

However, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has an extended keyboard with dedicated numeric keys as in the past, so there seems to be no particular change.