iPhone New FunctioniPhoneの新機能 


食べ物などを真上から水平に撮った写真をSNSにアップするのが流行っているようですが、対象物を真上から正確に撮影するのは意外と難しいです。iOS 11で真上からの水平写真を簡単に撮影できるガイド機能が追加されたのご存知ですか?

設定 → カメラ → グリッドをオン


There is a new function added to the iPhone camera

Although it seems popular to upload food pictures taken from directly above the food to SNS, it is surprisingly difficult to accurately capture objects from directly above. Did you know that there is a guide function in iOS 11 that makes it easy to take a picture from directly above?

Settings → Camera → Grid on

Start the camera application and point the camera to the subject. When the iPhone is nearly horizontal, two “+” marks are displayed, one white and one yellow. Move the iPhone so that the two ‘+’ marks overlap, indicating that the camera is directly above the subject, then take the picture.