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iPhone ホームボタン iPhone Home Button

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設定→一般→“アクセシビリティ” アクセシビリティの中にある、“Assistive Touch”を選択 Assistive Touchをオンにすると画面上に白い半透明のボタンが現われ、タップするとメニューが出てきて「ホーム」を押せば本体のホームボタンと同じ働きをします。この白い半透明のボタンはドラッグで位置を簡単に変えられます。


I hardly ever use the home button since I bought an iPhone for the first time

I read an article saying that it is better to not use the “Home Button” as it breaks easily (because you need to press it so many times) and it explained how to use an iPhone without using the “Home Button”.

Settings → General → “Accessibility” Select “Assistive Touch” in accessibility. When Assistive Touch is turned on, a white translucent button appears on the screen. When you tap it, a menu comes up and pressing “Home” will do the same function as the home button on the main unit. This white transparent button can be easily moved by dragging it.

If you use this function from the beginning you will become accustomed to not pressing the home button.  Although it may take time to get used to it, the repair fee is not cheap if it breaks after the warranty period, so I recommend using this function.

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