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When we work for a company, we can’t work without a PC

I was an administrator of servers and PCs so I had some knowledge of them, but I never thought it was special. I learned many things while working.

I used to work translating medical documents.  It was rather difficult because I had trouble reading medical Kanji.  Of course the medical field has a longer history than the computer.  Translating English into Japanese was a bit easier.

Then I was offered a job to translate English general-purpose computer manuals into Japanese.  There were a lot of words that I only needed to write phonetically in katakana, so there weren’t many problems with words.  Still I needed to know some basic things so I asked my engineer boss to teach me. That was the start, and before my retirement I worked as an IT administrator for seven years at a foreign company in Tokyo.

Now I’m writing my own homepage and  I am just a beginner, but I sometimes need to edit the root directory. I search the internet and try to do exactly as it says, but sometimes the instructions assume I know something that I don’t, such as where to find the source code that I am supposed to edit. Then I have to search again. I’m happy when I find a site with very detailed instructions.

Also, I found the date on a website very useful. Even when I find a site with very clear explanations, sometimes the site is very old and the information is out of date. Knowing at a glance the date when the site was last updated is very helpful.

Young people learn very quickly, but is it rather hard to start something new once you are not young any more. Still, learning something new is enjoyable.





今回こうやって自分のHPを立ち上げ、形を整えるのにROOT DIRECTORY の編集が必要なことがありました。ネットで調べてみながらやるのですが、急にFTPを使った画面が出てきてここを編集します、とあって「えっ、その画面にはどう行くんだったっけ?」とまた調べなおし。丁寧に日めくりのようなスクリーンショットを載せてあるサイトは本当に助かりました。



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