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Mouse scrolling is different for iMac and Windows

I have been using iMac for a few months and I got used to it.  When I need to use my Windows PC I use the touch pad for scrolling as I use it on my lap.

I helped a bit to set up my husband’s new Windows PC,  and the mouse scroll was different and confusing.

With iMac, I scroll UP to scroll down the page, and with Windows PC, I have to scroll DOWN to scroll down the page.

Also, to close a window on iMac, the X mark is on the top-left corner. On a Windows PC it is on the top-right corner.

Which one is easier to use?  Of course the PC if you use it most of the time, but in my case, the iMac.





またiMacではウインドウを閉じる X は左上ですが、ウインドウズでは右上です。