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Camera and Lens カメラとレンズ 

I took out all my old cameras and lenses for the first time in a few years

It is easy to use a new, lighter camera and lens.  I haven’t been using my old long lens because it is so heavy, but it does work very well.

That lens is good for FX format so I tried it with Df, the only FX camera I have.  I used Photoshop to compare the photo quality against the same shot taken with a different lens. The quality was much better with the FX lens.  It was an expensive one.

I didn’t use the FX lens for awhile  as it is so heavy.  Together with the Nikon Df camera the weight is 2.2kg.  It might tire me out, but I was still thinking of using them in Singapore.




ずっと使っていなかったのは重いからです。Nikon Dfにつけると約2.2キロになります。疲れるとは思いますが、この組み合わせを使おうかな、と考え始めています。


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