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iMac 2

The first big trouble with iMac.

I asked Yodobashi Camera to install two additional 16 GB RAM memory modules before sending the iMac to my home.  I could do it by myself, but they said that they would check if the memory was working OK, so I decided to pay for the work.  I didn’t want to have any memory failures as it would be troublesome to send the memory back if it didn’t work.

After installing the memory, they created an account to log in to the iMac to test it.  Therefore, when I logged in to iMac for the first time, there was an administrator account with the ID “user”.

After installing the security software, I decided to change the “User” ID.  I created another administrator account, then restarted the PC.  I was so surprised when I found that there was no longer any administrator account.

I searched the internet and tried many things, but couldn’t get an administrator account back.  After a few hours, I gave up.

Next morning I phoned Apple support and asked for help.  Three agents tried to help, but without success.  Then the fourth one asked me to do some rather complicated things. He said “Don’t do anything else, do only what I tell you.”  We added some command lines.

I got quite nervous, but tried not to make any mistakes.  I was very happy when it worked and fixed the problem.

I should be more careful when I need to change the settings.

iMac での最初のトラブルです。



セキュリティーソフトをインストールした後に、”User” IDを変更しようとし、新しい管理者権限のあるアカウントを自分の名前で作りました。驚いたことに再起動後になぜか管理者権限のあるアカウントが見つかりませんでした。





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