Oriental Paperbush Flowers ミツマタ群生地

We went to see Oriental Paperbush flowers

Three of our friends and neighbors came with us and I thought at least one of them would know how to get there, but actually none had ever been there before or could show us the way.

We saw some signs on the way, but they pointed to places we thought were too far from where the flowers would be, so we kept going and we were happy when we found our destination.

We thought the oriental paperbushes were on the way to a hill, so we climbed to the top, but we couldn’t see the flowers.  Then we saw someone walking so we asked the way to the flowers and she said “You can’t see those flowers on this hill.  They are way down there”.

We had lunch on the top of the hill, then went down and drove back to where she had pointed and we found the flowers.

It took us a long time to get there, but it was worth it.  They were so beautiful.