SIM Lock

I locked all my SIMs

Once I used a “Windows smartphone” and during the initial settings, I was asked if I wanted to Lock the SIM.   I just did it without thinking too much.

I had to enter the passcode every time I needed to restart the phone, but that was OK.

Recently, I thought that I should do the same thing for all my smartphones and tablets with SIMs.  I didn’t want to think that any of them would be stolen or lost, but I found it safer.  Of course all my devices are locked, but if someone took out my SIM card and used it with another phone, they could make phone calls until I disabled the SIM card.

I have a smartphone with 2 SIMs and to save the battery I don’t keep it on all the time, so when I want to use it I have to type 2 passcodes for the SIMs and one to unlock the phone.  I don’t mind doing it.

I also locked my husband’s cell phone.  I just hope that he doesn’t forget the passcode.


以前にWindows Phoneを使っていた時、初期設定でSIMをロックするかどうか尋ねられました。あまり深く考えずにロックしました。